Finding Christmas is an interactive QR Code Scavenger hunt. QR codes are scattered throughout St. Joseph County at various businesses and Salvation Army Red Kettles. Christmas is a season of Giving, Love, Peace, Music, Family, Warmth and Faith. Players can "Find Christmas" by collecting badges and earning points. The players with the most points on December 24 also win prizes.


November 7 - December 24th


Finding Christmas QR codes are scattered throughout St. Joseph County at Salvation Army Red Kettles and various businesses.

How to Play

Start by downloading a QR code scanning app on your smart phone. Next, scan this or any of the Shield QR codes located throughout St. Joseph County. Register by filling out the form and you're ready to play. Finally, search and scan all the QR codes in Michiana, earning points, winning badges and competing for the most points to win prizes.


Badges are icons that represent a location or item. These help you keep track of what you've collected so far.

Bonus Badges

Bonus badges are additional badges you can earn through increased participation. Some are based on the number of badges you've earned so far, and others require more participation. Grab these badges to earn extra points as well as helping families in need this season.


In addition to earning badges, players earn points for every badge. Some badges are worth more than others. The more you play the more points you earn. At the end of the game the players with the most points win prizes.


The Christmas season is a time to celebrate God's gift to us – his Son Jesus. Unfortunately, it is also a time of hardship and burden for many families in our community. For those who already have a hard time meeting their basic needs, the societal pressure to provide new toys to their children is great. In addition, while children celebrate two weeks off from school, parents sometimes struggle with the increased costs of food and childcare.

The Salvation Army helps to fill these gaps by providing toys for children and holiday food boxes. Every season, we register over 3,500 families for Christmas Assistance. Thanks to the Marines' Toys for Tots program, we guarantee at least 2 new toys for every child through the age of 12. Our holiday food box not only incorporates all the foods that a holiday feast would include (even a turkey), but also extras like peanut butter, cereal, and soup for kids who are home from school. All this food is purchased with donations to our Red Kettles.


On December 24th at 12:00pm the winners will be declared. The top five players with the most points will receive the following prizes.

First 1/2 carat Diamond stud earrings from J. R. Fox Jewelers a $1200 value!
Second Handmade Inlaid Rug (3.8 ft x 4.9 ft) from Indiana Rug Companya $450 value!
Third A 16-person Private Suite for a South Bend Cubs Game a $350 value!
Fourth Martin's Supermarkets Gift Card a $250 value!
Fifth 3-Month Family Membership (up to 5 members) a $221 value!
Sixth 1-Month Family Membership (up to 5 members) a $107 value!
Seventh Music Package from Pulse FM a $100 value!
Eighth Gift Card from University Park Mall a $100 value!
Ninth Gift Basket from Sam's Club a $50 value!

All players who "Find Christmas" win a day pass to the Kroc Center.

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